Living in the GREY!

6 November, 2018

Paris Little

“Depends” & “Maybe”…The golden words as a strength and conditioning coach. However as a client these are often the most frustrating words to hear when looking for a specific answer. You see rarely is an answer truly black and white, we live in the vast depths of a grey ocean of knowledge and opinions.


Truth be told although some principles apply to the majority there is still no one absolute answer or way to do thing…No magic pill so to speak. Many opinions have merit, many are valid but only when applied to an individual who’s situation, background, goals, needs etc. are assessed can we attempt to speak somewhat in absolutes. And even then the answer is often not simple. If you receive a response that sounds like an absolute, that sounds dogmatic I would advise you to tread carefully, especially if its directed towards a group or the general population.


You see everything evolves, opinions change and new research is constantly done to prove of disprove theories. I have heard coaches say one thing one year, in such a convincing, powerful and often forceful way that in turn boosts their image as a leader only for it to swing a full 180 degrees the next year to the other side of the fence. Ultimately where does that leave the people following these overly opinionated individuals? Confused, imbalanced with little to no progress at best and at worst injured. Here is an example of common questions asked and the beginning of some broad answers related to them.

Q: What’s the best exercise to help rehab “insert issue or area in pain”?
A: Well it really depends on who’s going to perform it, how long they have been training, what their emotional response is to pain is, how coordinated this individual is and much, much more.

Q: If I eat “insert nutritional approach” will I get leaner/bigger?
A: Maybe you will but maybe you won’t, it’s all going to come down to if you can adhere to this approach long term. If this approach allows you to effectively control calories. If this approach suits you as an individual from a digestive standpoint and much, much more.

The frustrating part of this discussion is that answers should be, at first anyway very broad. It is after discussion, assessment, investigation and implementation, reassessment and more discussion that things may become a little more black and white still with just a hint of grey! Stay open to the idea you and your coach have not yet figured everything out, keep an open mind, avoid talking and thinking in absolutes and again live in the GREY.